Top Three Reasons To Book A Winter Beach Photography Session!

A while back at a local workshop hosted by Shore Shooters co-owner April Loyle, the models showed us how the winter months at the beach can give the summer months a run for their money!
The workshop was held in November and we thought it was the perfect month for several reasons. 

Here are the top three reasons to book a winter beach photography session, or as us locals like to call it, “off season”.

1. Prettier Sunsets

Yes, that’s right, we think the sunsets from November – February are actually prettier because along the coast of Alabama and most of Florida’s Gulf Coast, the sunset at this time of the year is directly over the water and full of color. The sunset in the summer is lovely too, but it’s not actually over the water. So for this reason, the winter is a special time for that!

2. Less Crowded

We are willing to bet that you will have the beach all to yourself for your winter beach portraits. So not only do you have the perfect golden light, you also have free range of your location!

3. Less Expensive

Like we said earlier, it’s off season for us beach folks, so that generally means the accommodations around here are less expensive. No lines at the restaurants either!

So I think these photos will prove that you can dress for cooler temperatures and still rock your beach portraits. I hope this inspires you to consider it. You can also follow our Pinterest boards for more inspiration.

We hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season! If you would like to get on our calendar this year for your Winter Beach Session, choose the beach town you are visiting and follow the next steps. We can’t wait to work with you!