Senior Portraits For Twins – Gulf Shores Photographer

We are often asked if we do senior portraits and the answer is “Yes!”, but this one was a little different. It’s senior portraits for TWINS! Lance and Courtney both had their senior pictures done in the same session and it was their first time having beach pictures done! Here are a few of Courtney’s senior photos captured by Gulf Shores photographer Haleigh.

Hilton Head Family Photography

Since this family had an 11-month old, they chose to have their Hilton Head family photography session in the grassy, tree-lined areas around the Palmetto Dunes Resort community.

Why We Love The Outer Banks

If you’re looking for a unique vacation experience, look no further than the Outer Banks of North Carolina!

Here are a few reasons why we love the Outer Banks…


Take a safari tour to see the wild horses in Corolla.  These mustangs are descendants of the horses brought here by the Spanish more than 500 years ago.


We think it’s one of the most beautiful lighthouses in America.  The Bodie Island Lighthouse stands 156 feet tall.  


This mile-long boardwalk is lined with shops and restaurants.


Cape Hatteras National Seashore features four campgrounds, plus there are several other RV parks in the area offering oceanfront camping.


Air travel began in 1903 when the Wright Brothers flew their airplane over the Outer Banks for 12 seconds.  The Wright Brothers National Memorial is located in Kill Devil Hills.


Ride a horse through the forest of Frisco and along the beach.  Rides last about 2 hours.


There are plenty of free parking lots all along the beaches of the Outer Banks.  Just pick one, park, and go enjoy the beach!

These are just a few of the reasons why we love the Outer Banks.  It’s a beautiful place for beach photos, so we hope you’ll contact us to book a session when you visit the area!  Here are a few pictures from one of our recent family sessions.

Top 5 Reasons to book a Family Beach Photo Session in Rosemary Beach THIS FALL

Are you regretting not booking a photography session for you and your family this summer? The year isn’t up yet, and neither is the perfect beach weather! Here are the top FIVE reasons we believe you should book that family session with Shore Shooters Beach Photography THIS FALL!!


17390 3 1
Top 5 Reasons to book a Family Beach Photo Session in Rosemary Beach THIS FALL 12

Let’s get right Into it! First off, we have to mention the weather! In fall with the crisp 70 degree evenings, it’s possible you won’t even break a sweat! Not to mention the humidity is way down, so you may get lucky and your hair will stay tamed for the duration of the session! We all know what it’s like when you arrive to the shoot and then get hit with that wave of heat, so let’s go around that and book it this fall!

17390 77
Top 5 Reasons to book a Family Beach Photo Session in Rosemary Beach THIS FALL 13

Secondly… traffic! This is for the dads. We know you guys love traffic 😉 Let us tell you, the roads are so easy to navigate here in the fall / winter! It’s not so much beach season anymore so it’s just the locals. Getting around the Rosemary Beach Area is gong to be such a breeze, and the beaches are still just as beautiful!

17390 74
Top 5 Reasons to book a Family Beach Photo Session in Rosemary Beach THIS FALL 14

Now of course, the earlier fall sunset is something we need to add in here! With sunset honestly around five o’clock, it is kind of hard to beat. You and the kiddos still have time for dinner after your shoot, and will be home in time for the little ones’ bed time! You get the perfect evening out!

17390 10
Top 5 Reasons to book a Family Beach Photo Session in Rosemary Beach THIS FALL 15

Fall in Rosemary Beach is so beautiful! If you have never had the opportunity to see the beauty of 30A then you need to start planning your trip! The buildings, beautiful homes, and things for kids to enjoy as well! Let’s not forget the crisp fall air! We highly recommend!

17390 82
Top 5 Reasons to book a Family Beach Photo Session in Rosemary Beach THIS FALL 16

Lastly, we’d love to spend the evening with you! We’ll take 45 minutes to capture your family, chat, and get to know each other. The plus with this is we (hopefully) won’t be sweating! Check out our website today to book your session this fall in Rosemary Beach, or any of our other towns near you!

17390 70
Top 5 Reasons to book a Family Beach Photo Session in Rosemary Beach THIS FALL 17

Why you Should Choose Sunrise for your Beach Photography Session in Santa Rosa Beach

We just had the most amazing experience shooting an Intimate Family sunrise session in Santa Rosa Beach on 30A. The setting was absolutely stunning and we captured some of the best family photos we could have asked for!

The best thing about shooting at sunrise on the beach is how empty it is. We were the only ones there, so we were able to maximize the golden hour lighting and capture amazing photos without any interruptions or distractions.

Santa Rosa Beach Sunrise Session
Book a sunrise session in Santa Rosa Beach

Our biggest challenge was to capture the essence of this family who wanted to hold onto this moment forever. The parents wanted their children to have a fun and playful time, and I had to ensure that I captured those moments on camera. We started with some casual shots, and as the family relaxed, it became easier to capture their natural dynamics.

Sunrise Session in Santa Rosa Beach
Why you Should Choose Sunrise for your Beach Photography Session in Santa Rosa Beach 24

As our sunrise family beach session came to an end, the family was thrilled and overjoyed with the memories that they would cherish forever. If you want to experience the beauty of an intimate family sunrise session that captures your family’s fun and playful dynamic, book your session with us! The stunning backdrop of Santa Rosa beach and the picturesque sunrise, combined with your family’s loving moments, creates a unique and unforgettable photography experience on 30A.

15998 66
Why you Should Choose Sunrise for your Beach Photography Session in Santa Rosa Beach 25

As a group of photographers, it’s always great to work with families who are up for waking up early and getting to the beach before the crowds arrive. It makes for a more relaxed, natural photo shoot experience and allows us to get creative with our shots.

We highly recommend everyone to choose a sunrise session for their family photography needs. The results are truly magical and will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. So, if you’re planning a trip to Santa Rosa Beach, 30A this summer, make sure to book a session with us. We guarantee an unforgettable experience and will capture stunning moments that you’ll cherish forever.

Whether you’re looking to capture a special occasion or just want to document some joyful family memories, a sunrise session on Santa Rosa Beach is the perfect choice. So why not book a session with us this summer and experience the magic for yourself? We promise you won’t be disappointed.

15998 5
Why you Should Choose Sunrise for your Beach Photography Session in Santa Rosa Beach 27

How to Spend the Perfect week in Gulf Shores Alabama

If you are looking into booking a stay on the beautiful island that is Gulf Shores, Alabama, we have lot’s of tips for your week. Let’s hop right into it, with some of our top picks!

Of course we’ll start with some of the restaurants that should be on your list. There is so many to choose from, and this is just a few. For breakfast make a stop at Foam Coffee to fulfill your latte, and breakfast needs. Even equipped with a grab n go cooler, you can make a stop and then make your way to the water. When lunch time come around, there is a new spot right on the water, and we recommend the Mango Tuna Tacos, this will be found at “Coastal” a new restaurant concept that was brought to the Gulf Coast. Lastly for your late night dinner stop, you and the family should try out Cobalt, with menu choices for every age, and liking! (we recommend a reservation).

15711 11
How to Spend the Perfect week in Gulf Shores Alabama 34

Now to kind of state the obvious here, in order to make a perfect week in Gulf Shores, you should definitely book a session with Shore Shooters. You and your crew are all together, so let’s update those family photos for you guys. We can make it even easier by clicking right here to book!

15711 73
How to Spend the Perfect week in Gulf Shores Alabama 35

A week in Gulf Shores wouldn’t be made with out trying some of the local breweries and bars! Check out the Big Beach Brewing Company, or if you’re looking for some hectic fun, head down to FloraBama, right on the Alabama, Pensacola Line. This will give the adults that fun, and break from the kiddos they are looking for, time permitting 😉

15711 19
How to Spend the Perfect week in Gulf Shores Alabama 36

Lastly, of course – Just HAVE FUN!! There is so many hidden gems along the coast for you to explore. Spend lot’s of time on the water, eat lot’s of good food, and wear sunscreen. You and your family will have the greatest time here in Gulf Shores, and oh book your session with Shore Shooters here!

5 Reasons Why You Should Vacation to Clearwater Florida

You and the fam are planning the perfect vacation to the Florida area. Let us give you a little insight on the Clearwater/St. Petersburg area.. If you happen to be heading towards the infamous Disney World, we recommend hopping on I4, to make your way towards Clearwater. Beautiful beaches, along the coast, restaurants, and downtown strips will make your trip all worthwhile

Clearwater Beach Family Photography
5 Reasons Why You Should Vacation to Clearwater Florida 48

The Clearwater area has been a big hot spot for many beach “go-ers”since the early 50’s. Florida is currently one of the largest growing states in the U.S, and there is a reason for that. The beautiful coastlines with give you experiences, and memories unlike many others.

The photos we have attached to this are from one of our recent retreats! We took some of the crew to Fort De Soto and shot along the coast – let’s just say it did not disappoint. If you want photos much like these were going to add in a little like for you to click right.. here . This is the perfect addition to any family getaway – from 1 to 20+ people, we’ll do it all. 😉

Clearwater is about 30 minutes from the St. Petersburg are. Here you are going to find the most beautiful downtown strips, with yummy restaurants, coffee shops, disco bars, and Art depots. Theres is something each member of the family is going to love. We highly recommend taking a stop in this area!

If you’re looking for more activities for the kiddos, check out the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. If you know the movie “Dolphin Tale” this is the past home of Winter the Dolphin. You can watch some fun dolphin shows plus experience some of the other exhibits.

0N3A0081 1
5 Reasons Why You Should Vacation to Clearwater Florida 54

Lastly, we can express this much more!! The coastline in Clearwater, is simply unmatched. You get the beach experience without being drowned in hotels, and resorts. You can easily find the perfect spot for you and the family. Not to mention the crystal waters…

Let us know if you decide to check out the area! You need to fill us in on your stay.. we’re sure all good things! We look forward to you’re responses!

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8 Reasons to Vacation in Outer Banks

As everyone knows the Outer Banks have become all the craze in the past few years, thanks to Netflix, but have you thought about visiting? The Outer Banks offer a unique blend of natural beauty, history, and relaxation. Nestled on the coast of North Carolina, the Outer Banks have so much to offer. These are the top 10 reasons why you should vacation in the Outer Banks.

  1. Beautiful Beaches in Outer Banks –

With a stunning coastline, and soft sand beaches, the Outer Banks will surprise you all it has to offer on the coast. From Family events, restaurants, and of course a day on the water, it’s hard to beat the feeling you will feel in OBX.

Outer Banks Beach Photoshoot
8 Reasons to Vacation in Outer Banks 66

2. Professional Outer Banks Photographers

Miles of pristine beachfront await you, perfect for swimming, sunbathing, water sports, and of course a photoshoot for you and the fam. Listen – you and your family dressed in neutrals along the infamous OBX – with photos returned within 3 days – I mean you can’t beat it!

Let’s Make it easy for you – book here –

Outer Banks Beach Photography
8 Reasons to Vacation in Outer Banks 67

3. Outer Banks Local Eatery

The Outer Banks has lots of local cuisines to choose from, if you’re in the area check out some of the spots along the coast! We recommend Food Dudes Kitchen, and Beachcombers Wood Fired Grille & Tiki Hut. You may even have to let us in on your favorite spot 😉

Outer Banks Photography
8 Reasons to Vacation in Outer Banks 68

4. Art + Culture

The art scene in the Outer Banks is definitely a must see, with many local artists, and vendors to look over. With Art Festivals, this is an event for the whole family to join in on!

14622 146
8 Reasons to Vacation in Outer Banks 69

5. Horse Tours

Okay.. this one is a no – brainer. You and the fam, on a tour of the OBX, while horse back riding. Not only is this a fun option for the whole family, but can honestly be a cheaper option. This is 2 hour tour will take you through the historic town of Corolla, in the OBX area.

14622 81
8 Reasons to Vacation in Outer Banks 70

6. The Outer Banks is Non – Commercialized

You may be wondering what we mean by this one, the Outer Banks is one of those spots that you can easily get away. The Outer Banks coast is not filled with hotels, restaurants, and tourists – this ultimately makes the perfect spot for you and the family to relax on the beautiful sand in the OBX.

14622 6
8 Reasons to Vacation in Outer Banks 71

7. Surf

This one is for those looking for a spot with surf. Being along the East Coast, you may think having much of a surf is not possible. Here on the OBX you will be pleasantly surprised when it comes to the surf that is available.

14622 44
8 Reasons to Vacation in Outer Banks 72

8. Easy to Get Away

The Outer Banks is one of those spots that you can easily get away in. Once you get there, you have the ability to relax without the chatter, and commotion of big crowds!

14622 111
8 Reasons to Vacation in Outer Banks 73

Let us know your experience in the Great Outer Banks!

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Proposal Photography In St. Pete Beach Florida

While vacationing in Orlando, this family made a trip over to the Gulf Coast for family photos at sunset on the beach. However, there was one detail that daughter Rachel didn’t know…her boyfriend Juan was planning to propose during their beach photography session!

After the family photos were done, just as the sun was setting, Juan dropped to one knee and popped the question!

Booking with a Company vs. an Independent Photographer

We know, or at least we hear, there is a stigma when it comes to booking a company for your photography needs as opposed to booking an independent photographer. We wanted to bust those myths in the blog today as well as point out some of the benefits to booking a photography company (in this case us, Shore Shooters)

12687 1 scaled

Lets's Start with the Assumptions!

1. A big company doesn't care

A lot of people think that a big company means we don’t care, when in all actuality, we probably care the most. We have a year round staff that is here to please our clients and our photographers. When you call or email, they will always answer quickly. They are dedicated to helping you do things like download images, place print orders, book your appointment, plan your shoot, etc…

2. They just hire and anyone and send them out there with no experience

Our entire team has gone through an application process and multiple training sessions before going out on their own. All of our photographers are also required to meet certain equipment standards. This is really just a small part of what goes into our onboarding process.

3. You don’t know what style of photography you are going to get with a larger photography company.

Every one of our photographers are shooting how they are trained to shoot by our team.  No matter how photographers shoot on their own time, when they are shooting for Shore Shooters, they are shooting “on brand”. On top of that, all editing is done in house. We have staff editors also trained to create the “Shore Shooters look”. 

12687 10 scaled
12687 16 scaled
12687 25 scaled

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about the pros to booking with our company. The main thing is that we have a staff that works for us full time and their job is customer service. Not to throw any other photographers under the bus, but we are constantly receiving calls and emails in our office from people saying that the photographer they booked didn’t: show up, return calls,  send their photos, canceled last minute, etc…

12687 71 scaled
12687 64 scaled

With Shore Shooters, none of those things would be a concern. Our company is a well oiled machine with six staff members who care greatly about our photographers and our clients. In the case of emergencies, because we are a team, we can generally re-schedule as well. Something to consider if you are hesitating about booking with our company vs seeking out an individual. 

Today on our podcast our owners discuss this very subject.  Hear more on this topic  here.


Why You Should Hire a Professional Photographer.

With iPhone camera quality advancing the way it is, we want to talk about why you should hire a professional photographer.

This is the perfect session to use as an example of all you can get out of a beach portrait session.

02 11470 7 scaled
03 11470 10
04 11470 30
05 11470 32 11470 38

These beach portraits are generations celebrating a milestone together. Sometimes there’s no milestone to celebrate but just BEING TOGETHER. 

06 11470 63 scaled
07 11470 53

We understand that sometimes getting the whole family together can be difficult, so why not document that? It is worth celebrating. 

08 11470 77 scaled
09 11470 87
10 11470 114 scaled

That’s what it’s all about to us! We go out to the beach night after night to capture beach portraits for families from all over the country, and we LOVE it. 

If you think you can skip out on hiring a professional, we challenge you to consider the following: quality, memories, and a good experience. 

If you are taking the picture, you don’t get to be a part of the memory. 

Setting up a timer and running back to jump in the photo, no way! Using an iPhone? Your photos will eventually be outdated. Thinking about paying low prices for someone with less experience? You get what you pay for. 😬

11 11470 127 11470 148

With the help of a professional photographer, you won’t have to worry about things like awkward posing and lighting. A photographer can also help capture candid moments that you should be a part of. 

12 11470 163 scaled
13 11470 94 11470 109
14 11470 97

If we could sum it all up, we would say, HECK YES hire a professional photographer for your next beach trip! 

What to Wear for Beach Portraits

When it comes to family portraits, what you wear is HUGE! It determines the mood of your photos and even the overall coloring. We are here to tell you not to overthink it. 

02 12273 18 12273 11
03 12273 19 scaled
04 12273 26

What we mean by that is, put effort into coordinating your outfits, but don’t overdress. Beach portraits are meant to be laid back, so you don’t want to overdo it. Think, sundresses for the ladies and t-shirts and shorts for the kids. 

05 12273 29 scaled
06 12273 44 scaled
07 12273 49

Now let’s talk about colors; neutral colors like white, tan, and beige will always work at the beach. It works for a reason! It almost always compliments skin well, and it photographs well.

08 12273 52 scaled
09 12273 63 12273 58
10 12273 59 scaled
11 12273 65 scaled

Avoid loud colors like coral, red, bright orange, yellow, or even some shades of blue. This is a big challenge for photographers and editors, as it does not compliment the skin and tends to leave people looking orange or sunburnt. 

12 12273 78 scaled
13 12273 95 12273 96
14 12273 86 scaled
15 12273 99 scaled

With that being said, we want your family to have a good experience, so dress how you feel comfortable and have fun!

The Kling Family – St. Augustine Photography

The Kling Family01 KB1 8912

02 KB1 8900 KB1 8906When I visited St. Augustine last March, I knew it was special. There was so much about the city I was surprised by. It felt at times like I was in Europe! But then driving over the Bridge of Lions I was in for an even bigger surprise!

The small beach town of St. Augustine has all the vibes I enjoy. Laid-back surf culture, tacos (plenty of tacos), a few breweries, and incredible beaches. The high-rise condos and chain restaurants are nonexistent. The mom-and-pop surf shops are alive and well. It’s not overwhelming, it’s relaxing in the best way.

03 KB1 893004 KB1 8922 2So naturally, I go to Instagram to find things to do (basically the best coffee shops) and I come across Gabe and Megan Kling who are realtors in the area. They do an incredible job of showing what makes the town and the lifestyle of St. Augustine so magical. I even joked with Megan that we should move to the area (jokes on us, here we are, going on our 7th month living here).

Fast forward to this shoot, with their family. We worked with them to purchase our home and absolutely loved them. Doing these photos for their family was special because they are such a great family! The boys are so much fun to be around!

We also have some other projects in the works with the Kling’s. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook so you don’t miss out!

-April Loyle

05 KB1 8946 KB1 8933 2
08 KB1 8919
06 KB1 8921
07 KB1 8918 KB1 8957

St. Augustine Family Beach Photos

I’m so happy this local ( St.Augustine) artist reached out for a family session. They just had the sweetest little boy three months ago and she explains that she didn’t want a session that was stiff or forced looking.

01 KB1 9078 KB1 9074 02 KB1 9135 03 KB1 9088 2 04 KB1 9107 2

She admitted that she knew that could be a challenge with a new baby that couldn’t run and play yet, but that she trusted my vision to make something great and we as photographers truly appreciate that.

05 KB1 9101 KB1 9108 07 KB1 9191 2 KB1 9141 KB1 9199 08 KB1 9313 2 KB1 9311

When it comes to Shore Shooters, we work with so many different types of clients, and meeting their expectations is always our priority. A lot of times that requires traditional posing with candid moments. Since this is something we face daily, we are so excited to announce that we will be releasing a course on this very topic after the first of the year! So stick around for that, it’s going to be a good one.

09 KB1 9175 KB1 9249 10 KB1 9361 11 KB1 9318 KB1 9298

Meanwhile, enjoy this beautiful family we had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with at sunset along to Matanzas River.

12 KB1 9157 13 KB1 9236 KB1 9219 14 KB1 9284 01 KB1 9078 KB1 9074 1

Florida Family Vacation – Perdido Key Photographer

Brittney and her extended family recently traveled to the beach for a Florida family vacation. Their session with Perdido Key photographer Michelle also included some maternity photos.

Have you ever visited the sugar-white beaches of Perdido Key, Florida? If this beautiful beach is the location for your next family vacation, our photographers would love to meet you for a sunrise or sunset photography session. See this page for more information and to schedule with us in the Perdido Key area. If you’re visiting a different beach, check our home page to see if we have photographers in your vacation destination.

Navarre Beach Family Photos

Navarre Beach, Florida refers to itself as “Florida’s Most Relaxing Place” and we would have to agree with that statement! Navarre Beach is an uncrowded, unspoiled, and unhurried little beach town located on Florida’s Emerald Coast between Pensacola and Destin.

The Whitener family chose this beautiful little town for their beach vacation this summer and we are so happy they chose us for their Navarre Beach family photos!

Here are a few of the photos captured by photographer Else during their sunset beach photo session.

Fun Beach Photos – Fort Morgan Photography

Dani contacted us asking for fun beach photos during her vacation at Plantation Dunes in Fort Morgan. After looking through our blog, she decided that she really wanted something like this session from last year, including the duck blowup float! We love the way Dani, Travis, and Rowen dressed for their Fort Morgan photography session.

With us, there’s no dress code! Show up in your swimsuit or your Sunday best. Either option is fine with us! To book your beach photography session with us, start by choosing the beach you’ll be visiting by going to the “Locations” link in our main menu, then follow the steps on that page to get on our schedule. If you have any questions, our customer service team is always ready to help you. Just send them an email to

Graduation Trip – Photography In Hilton Head

It’s been a really busy summer for our team, so we’re just now getting around to sharing some of our favorites from June and July. This session took place in early June…

Tess, Charlotte, Emily, Dana, Courtney and Anna graduated from high school and celebrated by making a graduation trip to the beaches of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

If you’re looking for photography in Hilton Head, we’d love to meet you! Visit this page for pricing, availability, and to book your beach photography session with us. Visiting a different beach? Click the “Locations” tab at the top of this page or go to our home page to see all of the areas served by our beach photographers.

Family Reunion Photography In Treasure Island Florida

The Perez family contacted us for family reunion photography in Treasure Island Florida. They were also celebrating a family member’s birthday during their trip to the beach!

Are you planning a trip to the Treasure Island or St. Pete Beach area? Click this link for pricing information and to book with us in this area, or visit our home page to see if we are in the beach town you’ll be visiting.

Birthday At The Beach – Fort Walton Beach Photography

This family celebrated mom’s birthday at the beach. For their Fort Walton Beach photography session, the birthday girl asked for lots of pictures of her family as they celebrated her 60th birthday. It looks like they all had a great time on Florida’s Emerald Coast!

To schedule your beach photography session, choose your vacation destination from the “Locations” tab at the top of the page or go to our home page to see all of our locations. Once you choose the area you’ll be visiting, our website will walk you through the entire booking process. We look forward to seeing you at the beach!