this is our team

you know that saying, "it takes a village" well it's true. it takes all of us to make this thing work.

beach photographer


brit Rush

Everyone’s favorite friend. We love her and you will too. Her years of experience in the portrait studio world and out in the field makes her the perfect office manager for our team.

Assistant manager


Handsome, hilarious, and king of customer service. If you’re looking for someone to be patient on the phone and laugh way too loud, he’s your guy. 

beach photographer
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social media manager

Brianna LaCoste

We can’t say enough about Brianna. Her eagerness to be a part of what we are doing here comes through in everything she does. She’s answering DMs and planning social feeds all while learning as much as she can.

office assistant

Rachel Kellett

We adore Rachel and you will too. She is always willing to pitch in and help in any way. She is a great photographer who loves people and it shows through her personality and her work.

beach photographer


Ron Wainscott

The man who started it all. Before creating Shore Shooters, he was a radio personality and program director.  Nowadays, he spends a lot of his time working “remotely” from his farm in Kentucky.  Ron and April are the co-hosts of the Might Sound Wild Podcast.


April Loyle

The creative mentor behind our team of photographers.  April joined Shore Shooters in 2010 as Ron’s “associate photographer”, then became a manager in charge of growing the team and training the photographers.  In 2018, April became co-owner of Shore Shooters.  She is also the co-host of the Might Sound Wild Podcast.

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how it started

Back in 2010, Ron was so busy that he needed to take on a few associate photographers.  One of those was April Loyle. Over the years, April partnered with Ron to help develop the original photography team concept along the Gulf Coast that has now expanded to many other areas.

how it's going

Now in over 16 beach towns across 4 different states with around 70 photographers, we are still growing. Growth means many things to us. It’s more than just numbers.

a Passion to do it right

Growth means doing things right. It’s far more important to us to remain a company that you can rely on to always show up, give our all. and follow through with every single shoot, no matter how many we have.

not your average photographer

We understand the importance of togetherness. Being on a much needed vacation with your loved ones, spending time with the people who matter most, is irreplaceable. We GET that! That’s why we want to be better than average. Since we are a team and not just one person, this involves a lot of training. We strive to be excellent every time.