The Humphreys Family – Seaside Florida Photographers

We met the Humphreys family about 4 years ago when a group of our photographers got together for a team meeting in Seaside Florida.

When you get a group of photographers together, it almost always ends with a photo shoot! Rather than taking pictures of each other, we decided to approach a family on the beach and ask them if they’d mind having a whole bunch of cameras pointing at them! The Humphreys family just happened to be on the beach that evening and they were up for the challenge! Since then, they have booked a family session with our Seaside Florida photographers every year!

If you’re visiting Seaside or any of the other communities along 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, we’d love to get you on our schedule too. Here’s the information on booking your appointment on 30A. If you’re visiting a different beach community, see our home page, then click on the location you’ll be visiting.