72 Hours In St. Augustine

There are so many things to love about St. Augustine, Florida! 

Just south of Jacksonville,  St. Augustine sits on the east coast of Florida. It claims to be the first settlement in America, so as you can imagine, it is rich in history! From the stunning architecture downtown to the beautiful beaches, we think St. Augustine is one of the most special beach towns that we do business in and It’s not hard to see why. 

72 hours in St. Augustine Photographers Florida

Here’s how we think you should spend 72 hours in St. Augustine


If you only have a couple of mornings for breakfast in St. Augustine, you have to go to SUNDAY!

They have a small menu and everything on it is worth trying! You can also get a French press coffee for two and fresh  squeezed orange juice.

This restaurant is very involved in the community. It’s an old home that’s been renovated so it’s super cozy with beautiful lighting. Not to mention the aesthetic is on point! local artist, Jenna Alexander has a studio in the back and you can also purchase her artwork inside of Sunday. 

Ragga Surf Cafe

You definitely want to visit this Schooley that’s positioned in the perfect quiet beach spot called Marineland. They have excellent coffee and the homemade pop tarts are to die for!  We would highly recommend getting to this place for a sunrise. You can’t beat the view! Check out their Instagram here.

72 hours in St. Augustine Beach Photography Saint Augustine Florida


If you plan to spend the day on the beach, head south about a mile past Ragga and enjoy the local coquina.  Across the street, Washington Oaks Gardens State Park is also worth exploring, especially if you’d like a break from the sunshine. It’s loaded with history and beautiful gardens right along the Matanzas River. 

We’d pretty much recommend any spot along A1A for a beach day. Don’t forget you can drive on the beach in St. Augustine. You’ll just want to make sure you’re checking in and paying any fees involved. You’ll see booths along the beach area for information. 

Another thing to love about St. Augustine beaches is that they are pet friendly. No need to leave your four legged family members at home. 


We highly recommend booking one of the four villas from locally owned and managed St. Augustine Homes.

This couple lives and breathes St. Augustine! I guess someone would even consider Gabe Kling a local celebrity in the surf world. Sorry Gabe, we aren’t trying to embarrass you. 

Their villas are located right across the street from the beach and are in walking distance from everything you need. It’s also a convenient drive to the St. Augustine lighthouse, and over the bridge of Lyons for a night downtown.


72 hours in St. Augustine Beach Portraits in Saint Augustine Photographers


Of course, a trip to St. Augustine wouldn’t be complete without a sunrise or sunset beach photography session with us!  Visit this page to book with us.

Best Places To See A Sunrise In The St. Augustine Area

If you’re visiting St. Augustine, Florida, you’ll want to get up early and see the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean. Our co-owner April Creighton has found some of the best places to do this! So here’s April’s list of the 3 best places to see a sunrise in the St. Augustine area.


The Rocks At Washington Oaks State Park, Palm Coast

Best Places To See A Sunrise In The St. Augustine Area Photographers In Saint Augustine Florida

This beach across from Washington Oaks State Park has a very different look than most beaches in Florida.  This is due to the Coquina rocks, a soft rock made of ancient marine reefs and limestone.  However, you may or may not see the rocks due to the weather and tide.  At times, you may just see a few bumps in the sand.  At other times, the coquina rocks form caves, nooks and crannies in the sand.

Bonus:  Just 3 minutes north of the rocks in Marineland, you’ll find Ragga Surf Cafe, a converted school bus serving coffee and food!

St. Augustine Lighthouse

Best places to see a sunrise in the St. Augustine area Saint Augustine Photographers Florida

The iconic Saint Augustine Lighthouse is a must see! It sits in a historic neighborhood that’s loaded with quaint little cottages that showcase what Florida used to look like long ago.

Just a short walk or drive east of the lighthouse is Anastasia Island State Park. This is number 2 on our list of places to catch a sunrise. Be sure to grab a smoothie at Juicy and pack a bag for the day. The park is large enough to stretch out and has clean bathrooms. It does not offer free parking so make sure you get your pass early on in your trip!

Crescent Beach

Crescent Beach is located along A1A on Anastasia Island, just south of St. Augustine, The community gets its name from the natural shape of the coastline.  Minimal vehicle traffic is allowed on Crescent Beach.  There is a fee for vehicle access between March 1 and September 30.  Horseback riding is also allowed at certain times and subject to an access fee.  

St. Augustine Beach Photographer

Finally! We have been talking about moving into the St. Augustine market for several years and things finally lined up. Halle, our St. Augustine Beach photographer, found out about us though other photographers in the Florida Panhandle right before she moved to St. Augustine. How perfect is that?

We’re so happy that the Holtzclaws were one of the first families to book with us in St. Augustine Beach! It looked like Halle was having a blast chasing the kids around and capturing them being their true selves. It’s obvious that she’s a perfect fit for our team and we love the photos that came from this session!

What To Wear For a Small Family Beach Photography Session

Deciding what to wear for a small family beach photography session and getting coordinating outfits together doesn’t have to be as stressful as you may think. We at Shore Shooters Beach Photography believe “the simpler, the better”! If your colors and prints are too bright and bold, it can be distracting to the eye. Keeping your looks more towards the neutral side and the prints on the smaller side, makes you the center of attention– not your wardrobe!

Plus, it’s best not to try and compete with these Gulf Shores beaches, right?!

The Leppert family went about this perfectly! Mom and dad sporting muted tones, while baby boy brought the whole look together with his subtly printed overalls.

We hope this helps you out and we can’t wait to see what looks you put together for your family beach photography session!

What To Wear? – Beach Photos In Gulf Shores

Do you have to get “dressed up” for beach photos? NO! This family chose to wear their swimsuits and we loved the way their pictures turned out!

There’s really no dress code for beach pictures. What to wear is up to you! If you want to dress up, that’s fine with us. But if you choose the more casual route, that’s fine too!

Check out more of their photos below. If you’re ready to book your beach photos in Gulf Shores, please visit this page to see pricing and to get on our calendar. Visiting a different beach? Check out our home page to see if we have photographers in the area you’ll be visiting.