Outer Banks Photography At Sunrise

If you are alive and breathing, you have probably watched or at least heard of the Netflix show, The Outer Banks. As a team,  we had visited this stretch of Islands off the coast of North Carolina a few years back but we hadn’t really explored it seriously as a Shore Shooters market until my kid kept mentioning it. My husband and I reluctantly caved and watched the show that our kids kept going on and on about. We admittedly became taken with the scenery and laid back lifestyle portrayed in the show pretty quickly. We obviously weren’t the only ones since it was ranked as the most binged show last year.

So we began planning our trip. We found a cute little airbnb to call home for a few days and we spent most mornings on the beach. I have to say, growing up on the Gulf Coast, I didn’t expect to be blown away by a beach but, I WAS! The Outer Banks is wild and untouched. The weather is milder and the beaches are just…different. We absolutely loved our time there!

Of course I drug my daughter and her boyfriend out for a sunrise session. Sunrises are the best there. I’d never really photographed them this way, but I needed models and they are cute as heck! I’m so glad we did this little session because I saw how sweet they are together as a couple. When you have teenagers you know they will have relationships and God forbid, heartache, so you pray. You just pray that someone will come along and treat your little girl with respect, make them laugh, and look out for them. James is all of that and more for Brianna. We are thankful for him and we are thankful for the Outer Banks.

We are already planning our trip for this summer. What about you guys? Don’t forget to book with our team when you are there.


What To Wear For a Small Family Beach Photography Session

Deciding what to wear for a small family beach photography session and getting coordinating outfits together doesn’t have to be as stressful as you may think. We at Shore Shooters Beach Photography believe “the simpler, the better”! If your colors and prints are too bright and bold, it can be distracting to the eye. Keeping your looks more towards the neutral side and the prints on the smaller side, makes you the center of attention– not your wardrobe!

Plus, it’s best not to try and compete with these Gulf Shores beaches, right?!

The Leppert family went about this perfectly! Mom and dad sporting muted tones, while baby boy brought the whole look together with his subtly printed overalls.

We hope this helps you out and we can’t wait to see what looks you put together for your family beach photography session!

What To Wear? – Beach Photos In Gulf Shores

Do you have to get “dressed up” for beach photos? NO! This family chose to wear their swimsuits and we loved the way their pictures turned out!

There’s really no dress code for beach pictures. What to wear is up to you! If you want to dress up, that’s fine with us. But if you choose the more casual route, that’s fine too!

Check out more of their photos below. If you’re ready to book your beach photos in Gulf Shores, please visit this page to see pricing and to get on our calendar. Visiting a different beach? Check out our home page to see if we have photographers in the area you’ll be visiting.

The Fields Family – Gulf Shores Photography

The Fields family just had their fifth Gulf Shores photography session with us! So this year, they wanted to change things up and do something a little different. Co-Owner / photographer April took them to one of her “top secret” locations with more trees and grass than you would normally find along the beach in Gulf Shores. Looking at these pictures sort of gives us some Outer Banks, North Carolina vibes (which happens to be one of our new locations for this summer…more details coming soon!)

We always love seeing our regular clients and greatly appreciate them coming back year after year! If you’d like to start a family tradition of having beach pictures every summer, just visit the main page of our website, then choose your vacation destination.