Top Three Reasons To Have A Winter Beach Wedding

Shore Shooters co-owner April Loyle recently hosted a fun all girls photography workshop and one of their main content focuses was small beach weddings.  A lot of couples decide to say their vows along the Gulf Coast and we do not blame them! The white sand and gorgeous emerald water makes the Gulf Coast a perfect backdrop for all seasons. 

These photos inspire us to encourage couples to simplify their wedding. The beaches are already so perfect, sometimes there is no need to add more to it. In fact, sometimes adding more is actually taking away from the stunning backdrop. All you need is an officiant, your dress, the rings, and of course, us! Side Note: we do have a few simple beach wedding packages available if you need a small set up. Just ask! We also love the November sunset because it’s such a different color at this time of the year. 

Pro Tip: Getting married along the Gulf Coast in the “off season” provides a fair amount of bonuses. Here are the top three reasons to have a winter beach wedding:

1. The Sunset Is Actually Over The Water!

During the warmer months, the sunset is going to be over a parking lot or condos. So the golden look that you see in these photos is because they were shot in November. Not to mention the temperature is almost always perfect in November – think mid 70’s.

2. Less People

Unfortunately, your beach house or your wedding permit for the state park beaches does not guarantee that the beach will be empty, and honestly, warmer months attract bigger crowds. There is almost always a chance that summer weddings will have crowds of people hanging around watching you get married.

3. Less Expensive

“Off Season” is the perfect time to visit the Gulf Coast of Alabama and Florida because the hotel, condo and beach house rentals are far less expensive. It’s also the perfect time to get married for that same reason. Since it’s off season, you won’t wait in lines for restaurants and other touristy things that you may want to do on your honeymoon and you’ll save a good amount of money on your stay.

So there you have it! Our top three reasons to have a Winter Beach Wedding!

Planning a beach wedding along the Gulf Coast? Visit our wedding page to see pricing and get the ball rolling.