We select our photographers based on their ability, talent, and personality.

Each photographer that we partner with becomes part of the Shore Shooters family and also the brand! Once they are added to our system, we offer extensive coaching from our staff on how we do things here at Shore Shooters.

They are already so talented naturally but we also offer additional education when needed. When photographers are a part of the Shores Shooters team, they are like family. We have regular meet ups as well as constant communication.

Shore Shooters Photographers

We’re not just employing a bunch of people who know how to use a camera.  It’s so much more than that! Our photographers share a common vision and goal :

To bring families an incredible, memorable experience on their vacation year after year.

Customer service doesn’t end with our office staff.  All of our photographers provide the same experience no matter what beach town you visit.

Our Team’s Core Values:

  • Kindness
  • Coachability
  • Humility