Larrah Craig – Dauphin Island Photographer

Larrah Craig - Dauphin Island Photographer

Larrah was born in a van down by the river. She sings in a traveling band with her 11 siblings, playing the cowbell. She shoots weddings and portraits when she’s not awing people with her world class vocalization.

Just kidding 😉 I only have one octave, and it’s enough to make dogs cry. I’m originally from Tuscaloosa, but moved to the gulf coast recently and love it!  I’m a momma to the prettiest baby boy in the world; this information is completely objective. When I’m not chasing my beautiful little human around, I like to create art and connect with people. Shooting weddings and portraits marries those two things perfectly.

I’m all about connection, experiences, and creating something that evokes emotion. When I discovered photography, I knew I was in love. This line of work fits my personality perfectly. I’m constantly challenged to think creatively, evolve in my art and business, and every day is different. My favorite part of what I do, is the connections I make with the people that choose me.