Bo Bozeman – Destin / 30A / Panama City Beach Photographer

Bo Bozeman - Destin / 30A / Panama City Beach Photographer

I grew up in Louisiana and Mississippi. Both were awesome places for me as a kid. Back then we had so much freedom and space to roam.  I have been in Florida 13 years, I left for a couple of years and came back, after living here it’s difficult to leave for too long.

Travel is something I love. It could be a road trip or an international flight to some place exotic, either way I am good to go. However it is usually centered around photography. I take pictures daily, it’s rare that a day goes by without taking at least a few photos. In the evening I enjoy playing guitar, painting and drawing.

I love how photography can be a social or solitary endeavor.  Most of all I’d have to say my favorite thing about photography is the people I get to meet. I like making portraits so there is nothing better than having someone interesting in front of your lens. I don’t care about age, size or race or any of that. I just want the people I get to work with to have an enjoyable stress free experience. I consider making a portraits a collaboration so it should be engaging and most of all fun.

I am a laid back guy who is easy to get on with. I have been fortunate to make friends easily, life long friends from all over this planet. I feel blessed to be able to go somewhere I have never been before, alone and leave with friends. Whether it’s here in the states or out of the country.

Some of Bo's work...