Austin Hanes – Gulf Shores Photographer

Austin Hanes - Gulf Shores Photographer

I grew up a military brat, so I lived a rather nomadic life. I’ve lived all over the US, and several countries overseas (Germany, England, Taiwan). If I had to put a pin on a map of where I an originally from, it would have to be San Antonio, Texas.

I have lived in Gulf Shores for about 8 years. My family lived in Biloxi, MS whenever Hurricane Katrina hit and so we ended up here shortly thereafter. My grandparents lived here, so I grew up coming here but it hasn’t been until recently that I have learned to embrace the beauty and culture of this area.

I love coffee; drinking it, making it, learning about it. Traveling. Baking and cooking. Wine. Basically anything that involves bringing people together and building community, memories, and laughter.

I like that photography offers the ability to not only be creative and create art, but it also allows for you to forever capture a moment in time that would otherwise only live in one’s memory. That smile or quirky grin; that special moment; that moment in time that you want to remember for ever and ever.

I am adventurous and fun loving. I love having a good time. I love experiencing new places, people, and cultures. I like to get to know people and their stories. And, I like to laugh.

Some of Austin's work...