May 28, 2018

What if my session is rained out?

During the summertime, showers and thunderstorms at the beach usually only last a few minutes, so don’t worry if there’s a 30 or 40% chance of rain on the day of your session.  That just means that it will rain somewhere in the area for a few minutes at some point during the day.  It doesn’t always mean that your session is going to get rained out.

Our photographers are always keeping an eye on the weather.  If there’s a chance of rain at the time of your session, your photographer will get in touch with you to make alternate plans.  We may need to start a little earlier (or later if it’s a sunrise session) to beat the rain.  If this is the case, your photographer will get in touch with you earlier in the day to make arrangements.

We always encourage our clients to book toward the beginning of their vacation.  That way, we’ll have several days to get you rescheduled in the event of a rain-out.  Since we have a team of photographers, we can usually get you rescheduled for another day before your vacation ends.

If your session is rained out and we are not able to get you rescheduled, you will receive a full refund of your retainer / session fee or we can apply it toward a future session on your next beach vacation.

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