Moriah Sutton – Pensacola Beach Photographer

Moriah Sutton - Pensacola Beach Photographer

Hey y’all! My name is Moriah Sutton, and I’m from Pensacola Florida, I live about 5 minutes from our stunning beaches, and I’m a total beach bum at heart, so I kinda like it here. 😉 If you can’t find me on the beach, you can probably find me somewhere reading a book or studying about the world of natural health (and if you ever meet me, I am bound to smell like essential oils. ;))

I started my photography journey at the age of 14, and took it and ran with it. My heart beats for those in between moments that seem small and insignificant, but later you realize those were the big moments after all. Those were the ones you’ll want to frame on your wall. The kids running, and not wanting to be still for photos, the tickling to try and make them laugh…The soft kisses and and stupid jokes he tells to make you smile..the moment your eyes lock with the one you love, and you kind of forget for a moment that anyone else is even there…Those are my favorite moments, and the ones that I strive to capture.

Some of Moriah's work...