Leslie Brown – Pensacola Beach / Navarre Beach / Destin Photographer

Leslie Brown - Pensacola Beach / Navarre Beach / Destin Photographer

Photography is a strong passion that I have pursued, fervently, for many years. 

I thrive in magic of capturing an experience through my lens. With my own large family, and a gazillion images of them all, I never tire of recollecting moments in time, through the photos I take. It’s a privilege to do the same for others.

So, I get giddy about meeting people, and creating their emotion-infused images in sublime settings!

Originally from Alabama, I feel very blessed and fortunate to live on the coast, at the water’s edge.  I adore natural emotions and joy that are stirred through images that speak out to us. Some images call to us louder than others, when they heighten our senses to something remembered, or something that gets to the core of what we enjoy and love.

I’m doing what I love… documenting endearing moments, and giving joy to others with the story of a time in their life that they will never forget. When not behind the lens, I’m with my husband, enjoying coastal life – and the presence of family.