Orange Beach / Gulf Shores Photography Team

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April Loyle

I was born and raised right here in Gulf Shores, Alabama. I’ve lived here for 32 years. I grew up playing on the beaches of Alabama and Florida. I’m a true florabama girl. I split my time with family between Panama City and Gulf Shores for many summers. I would be on the beach from early in the morning until the sun went down at night.

When I’m not taking photos, I am thinking about taking photos. It’s pretty much in the front of my mind at all times. I’m usually thinking of how to get better or of new things to try.

Brittney Rush

I grew up in Southern Illinois near St. Louis, MO, but moved to the Gulf Coast 12 years ago, so that I could always work with my toes in the sand!  I had lived and worked in Los Angeles for several years and while I liked living on a coast, I didn’t care for the hectic lifestyle. My family had vacationed in Gulf Shores when I was little and it seemed like the best place to combine beautiful scenic beaches, and the hometown feel that I missed so much while living in a big city.

Management Team
Orange Beach / Gulf Shores Photography Team

Walt Loyle

I’m originally from Allentown, Pennsylvania. I moved to Gulf Shores in 1998 after a stint in LA. I spent most of my summers in my youth visiting grandparents in Gulf Shores. I loves the coast but find the Gulf Coast beaches to be the most beautiful.

When I’m not taking family portraits on the beach, I’m on the beach or on my bicycle.

Michelle Hatcher

I’ve lived in Gulf Shores for several years now, but grew up just outside of New Orleans. My husband and I recently bought our first little house on Fort Morgan and live here with our two fur kids.

It’s just the best really, to be able to tell stories through photographs. And it’s easiest for me to do that when my clients just relax and have fun! Whether it’s a sweet kiss, laughs that a family shares thanks to dad’s corny jokes, or a pup stealing the show… I think those little moments are the most important, and ones you should cherish.

Orange Beach / Gulf Shores Photography Team
Orange Beach / Gulf Shores Photography Team

Linda Higgins

I was born in Jacksonville, Florida, and raised all over the country.  I decided to make the move down to the beach with my family after meeting with April and discussing career opportunities.  Best decision, ever!!

I really love to read and spend time with my family.  Anything that gets my kids interested in being outside and using their imaginations is what I strive for.

Taylor Hughes

I was born in Panama City beach, FL but have lived all over the country over the span of my life. After living in the mountains of Utah for nearly four years I finally convinced my husband to move to Gulf Shores where I grew up doing my family vacations. I absolutely love it out here and rasing my sweet family here. The sand, water and sun feed my soul and always has!

Photography has been my passion since I could hold a camera in my hand. I started shooting portraits, couples, families and weddings 4 years ago and it has been amazing growing this passion I love.

Taylor Hughes - Gulf Shores Photographer
Orange Beach / Gulf Shores Photography Team

Colette Baker

I’m originally from Michigan.  After living in California for a year, my husband Brandon and I decided to move back home to Alabama to be closer to family.

Photography has been my passion for over 6 years now, and what I love most is the ability to create a beautiful lasting moment.

Austin Hanes

I grew up a military brat, so I lived a rather nomadic life. I’ve lived all over the US, and several countries overseas (Germany, England, Taiwan). If I had to put a pin on a map of where I an originally from, it would have to be San Antonio, Texas.

I like that photography offers the ability to not only be creative and create art, but it also allows for you to forever capture a moment in time that would otherwise only live in one’s memory. That smile or quirky grin; that special moment; that moment in time that you want to remember for ever and ever.

Austin Hanes - Gulf Shores Photographer
Orange Beach / Gulf Shores Photography Team

Andrea McDaniel

I am one of the few lucky enough to say “I grew up on the Gulf Coast.” After moving away briefly, my husband and I moved back in 2000 and started to raise our family. When I’m not playing photographer, I am homeschooling our daughters or shuttling our youngest to gymnastics practice and competitions.

Photography provides me the opportunities to capture moments and tell stories, one frame at a time.

Tori McDaniel

Hi there! My name is Tori and I’m seventeen years old.  I am lucky enough to say that I was born and raised right here on the Gulf Coast, which means that my manners for my elders, love for both sweet tea and country music run deep.

I’m a huge book nerd and music lover, extending to pretty much any genre imaginable (thanks, momma and daddy!) I believe that love and compassion will save us all and that no person’s voice should ever go unheard.

Tori McDaniel - Gulf Shores / Orange Beach Photographer
Dylan Mitchell - Gulf Shores Photographer

Dylan Mitchell

I’m originally from Shreveport, Louisiana. I moved to South Alabama in 2006.

When I’m not taking pictures, I’m restoring photos, designing something, working on a video, or doing some other form of creative work.

On the rare occasion when I’m not working, I love to travel (mainly to Walt Disney World in Orlando), read, watch movies, and listen to music.

Rachel Kellett

I was born and raised in New Mexico, went to school for 2 years at NMSU and then moved to San Diego to finish school for Interior Design in San Diego.  After school I moved to Colorado where I lived there for 6 years, created my photography business and loved every minute of it.

I moved to the Mobile area 1 1/2 years ago with my husband, and am so happy that we did.  When I am not doing photography I am the children’s Pastor at The River Church in Semmes AL.

Rachel Kellett - Dauphin Island / Gulf Shores Photographer
Saidy Stoddard - Gulf Shores Photographer

Saidy Stoddard

I am lucky to have grown up right here in Gulf Shores. I moved away for a couple heres while going to college in Chicago. I moved home and decided to open Foam Coffee + Shop in Gulf Shores.

I spend my days making coffee but I am lucky enough to have turned one of my favorite hobbies into a career with Shore Shooters. I love that something I’ve created has the ability to make people feel something! Whether that’s from the coffee I make or a photo! I love being able to create something for people.

Hannah Roberts

Hi Y’all! I am Hannah Roberts and I am originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Yee Haw! I am married to a beard loving, youth pastor and together we have a two-year-old daughter, two corgis, and two cats. We moved to Southern Alabama about three years ago.  I have been doing photography for almost four years and have totally fallen in love with the joy and challenges it brings. One thing that sets me apart is my ability to work with kids. I am my husband’s partner in youth ministry and spend a lot time nurturing the kiddos.

Hannah Roberts - Gulf Shores / Dauphin IslandPhotographer
Orange Beach / Gulf Shores Photography Team

Jaylee Dempsey

I have lived in Orange Beach, Alabama since before I could crawl. I have grown up on these beaches, and in my free time if I’m not out of town visiting friends and family, you can probably find me outside and in the water.

I have the awesome opportunity to work in the office for Shore Shooters doing all the behind the scenes work like scheduling bookings and answering phone calls. I am also currently in college pursuing a degree in graphic design. I love all things that involve creativity including painting, designing, and photography.