Debbie Lockey – Navarre Beach / Pensacola Beach Photographer

Debbie Lockey - Navarre Beach / Pensacola Beach Photographer

Hi there! I was born in New York and raised in Slidell, LA.   My husband’s job moved us to the Emerald Coast and it was a perfect fit for us.  When I am not taking photos professionally, I am usually taking photos for fun of my husband and our two children ages 5 and 6.  We are a TOTAL beach family!  I love paddle-boarding, snorkeling, and watching my children jump waves.

Photography is something I have always loved, but never dreamed I could make a career out of it.  What I love about photography is being able to capture genuine emotion.  It’s a child yelling with joy when a wave crashes at their feet, a mother’s loving glance when she brushes away her baby’s tears, or the look of contentment on a grandparent’s face as they play in the sand with their grandchildren.  It’s those moments that I want to capture forever for you.

Some of Debbie's work...