Brittney Rush – Office Manager / Gulf Shores Photographer

Management Team

I grew up in Southern Illinois near St. Louis, MO, but moved to the Gulf Coast 12 years ago, so that I could always work with my toes in the sand!  I had lived and worked in Los Angeles for several years and while I liked living on a coast, I didn’t care for the hectic lifestyle. My family had vacationed in Gulf Shores when I was little and it seemed like the best place to combine beautiful scenic beaches, and the hometown feel that I missed so much while living in a big city.

For fun, I love to travel! I’m a “PK”, or Preachers’ Kid, and we traveled ALL THE TIME when I was young; whether it was for mission trips, or just family time. As an adult I still have a great desire to see any and every place in the world that I haven’t been yet!

I know it sounds cheesy, but I love that when you capture a moment in a photograph, it lasts forever! The smile on a kid’s face that expresses pure joy while they’re playing in the sand or how a candid moment between a parent and a child can really say a thousand words. I guess it all comes down to the emotion that a single photograph can generate. There’s both power and beauty in that!

I have generally been told that I’ve “never met a stranger”  and I guess that’s true! I have a tendency towards sarcasm, silliness, and I love to laugh! If I can make you walk away from a photoshoot thinking “wow, that was really fun…” then I’ve done what I set out to do! Lets shoot!

Some of Brittney's Work...