Audrey Stewart – Dauphin Island Photographer

I was born in Texas but mostly raised in the Midwest.  I moved to Mobile, Alabama a little over a year ago from Chicago.  I wanted to get out of the concrete jungle in order to become closer to nature.  I recently moved more South and now live on Dauphin Island. I love the sun and the ocean.

Photography is a catalyst for creativity that has influenced my self-expression. My boyfriend and I love to play and make music together. I enjoy any activity on the water like kayaking, skim boarding, or fishing, and am a yoga enthusiast. I love reading and writing and try to never stop learning.


My favorite thing about photography is the inherent endless nature of the art. We are all unique individuals with a vision and voice that needs to be expressed. Through photography, we have the chance to interact with others and create something that will touch hearts or even move mountains.

I love life and am not afraid to dream big. I will always strive to be true to myself and live according to my morals. I love creating with others, whether that be a deep conversation, a photography adventure, or a sandcastle ;).

Some of Audrey's work...