Michelle Hatcher – Fort Morgan / Orange Beach / Gulf Shores Photographer

I’m originally from Buras, Louisiana (about an hour south of New Orleans). I grew up in the bayou, with lots of time spent fishing and satsuma picking as a kid.  I’ve been in Gulf Shores for about 6 years. My best friend moved to this area with her family after Hurricane Katrina, and after visiting for years I finally decided it was the place for me. I just happened to meet my husband in the process, too!

I love to read, travel (usually for music), salvage and refinish antique furniture, hang out in my back yard with friends and my dog, and spend lots of time at the beach.  My favorite thing about photography is definitely the people. I love that photography allows me to meet new and different people every day. We get to connect with each other and we get to spend time having fun. I love that I am able to capture special moments and memories that our clients can keep forever.

I’m really laid back, honestly and like to keep things simple. I love to meet new people and I laugh and smile a lot. I love animals and spending time outdoors, and I make sure that I’m kind to everyone.

Some of Michelle's Work...